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Accesses and Interprets Technical Data and InformationAccesses and uses resourcesAccesses the Internet
Accounting PracticesAcquireAcquisition
ActivityActivity Based CostingActuarial Analysis
Ageing Assets StrategyAllocates Resources to Asset Disposal Processes and ProceduresAllocates Resources to Asset Management Processes and Procedures
Allocates Resources to Construction WorkAllocates Resources to Maintenance Management Processes and ProceduresAllocates Resources to Maintenance Work
Allocates Resources to Operations Processes and ProceduresAllocates Resources to ProjectsAllocates Resources to Technical Data and Information Management Processes and Procedures
Analyses Asset Management EnvironmentAnalyses Concept Exploration EnvironmentAnalyses Condition Monitoring Data
Analyses Configuration Management EnvironmentAnalyses Integrated Support EnvironmentAnalyses Maintenance Management Environment
Analyses Performance IndicatorsAnalyses Supply Chain EnvironmentApplications Parts List
Applies Asset Disposal Processes and ProceduresApplies Asset Management Processes and ProceduresApplies Asset Renewal Methods
Applies Asset Renewal Processes and ProceduresApplies Asset Solution Processes and ProceduresApplies Asset Valuation Processes and Procedures
Applies Basic Accounting MethodsApplies Benchmarking Processes and ProceduresApplies Commissioning Processes and Procedures
Applies Concept Exploration Processes and ProceduresApplies Configuration Management Processes and ProceduresApplies Construction Processes and Procedures
Applies Data Analysis MethodsApplies Decision Making Processes and ProceduresApplies Demand Analysis Processes and Procedures
Applies Demand Management Processes and ProceduresApplies Design Processes and ProceduresApplies Design Verification and Validation Processes and Procedures
Applies Engineering Change Processes and ProceduresApplies FMEA/FMECA AnalysisApplies Integrated Support Processes and Procedures
Applies Inventory (Spare Parts) Level MethodsApplies Lean Thinking MethodsApplies Life Cycle Cost Processes and Procedures
Applies Maintenance Management Processes and ProceduresApplies Materials Cataloguing MethodsApplies Needs Definition Processes and Procedures
Applies Operations Management Processes and ProceduresApplies Problem Reporting and Incident Recording Processes and ProceduresApplies problem solving techniques
Applies Process Change Processes and ProceduresApplies RCM AnalysisApplies Regulatory Frameworks Processes and Procedures
Applies Reliability Analysis MethodsApplies Reliability Modelling MethodsApplies Reliability Test Plans
Applies ResearchApplies Root Cause Analysis MethodsApplies Specification Processes and Procedures
Applies Statistical Process Control MethodsApplies Supply Chain Processes and ProceduresApplies Support Analysis Processes and Procedures
Applies Technical Compliance Management Processes and ProceduresApplies Technical Data and Information Processes and ProceduresApplies Technical Design Methods
Applies Work Management Processes and ProceduresAppointed PersonApprove
AssetAsset Acquisition and CommissioningAsset and Non Asset Solutions
Asset and Systems Change ManagementAsset Data and KnowledgeAsset Information Strategy
Asset Information SystemsAsset Knowledge EnablersAsset Knowledge Standards
Asset ManagementAsset Management Concept ModelAsset Management Decision-Making
Asset Management Information SystemAsset Management LeadershipAsset Management Plan
Asset Management PolicyAsset Management PrinciplesAsset Management Processes
Asset Management StrategyAsset Management Strategy and PlanningAsset Management System Model
Asset OperationsAsset Rationalisation and Disposal
Asset RegisterAsset Replacement ValueAsset Solution
Assets and Systems Performance and Health MonitoringAuditAudits Asset Configuration
Audits Asset Management Processes and ProceduresAudits Asset Management StrategiesAudits Compliance with Legal Requirements
Audits Configuration Management Processes and ProceduresAudits Design Processes and ProceduresAudits Design Verification and Validation Processes and Procedures
Audits Integrated Support Processes and ProceduresAudits Maintenance Management Processes and ProceduresAudits Operations Management Processes and Procedures
Audits Organisational CultureAudits Organisational StructureAudits Stakeholders" Requirements
Audits Supply Chain Processes and ProceduresAudits Technical Data and Information Processes and ProceduresAuthorises Maintenance Work
Authorises ProjectsAuthorizeAvailability

BacklogBalanced Score CardBenchmarking
Benefit-Cost RatioBest PracticeBreakdown
Breakdown MaintenanceBuilding ServicesBusiness Management
Business PlanBusiness Process

CapabilitiesCapabilityCapability Assurance
Capability Assurance ModelCapacity UtilisationCapital Investment Decision-Making
Cash FlowCausesClearance
Commissioning Communicates in the workplaceCommunicates with Stakeholders
Competence and BehaviourComponentsComposes workplace documents
Computer SupportConceptConcept Exploration
Concept Exploration and ValidationConcept ValidationCondition Based Maintenance
Conditional Probability Of FailureConfiguration ManagementConsequence
Construction Contingency Planning and Resilience AnalysisContinuous Improvement
Contract and Supplier ManagementContributes in a Team EnvironmentCorrective Maintenance
Cost Of OwnershipCreate and DisposeCreate/Dispose
Creates and uses databasesCreates and uses spreadsheetsCriticality, Risk Assessment and Management
CultureCulture and LeadershipCurrent Asset
Current Replacement ValueCurrent Value

DefectDefines Competencies Required to Implement Technical Regulatory FrameworkDefines Organisational Culture
Defines Project Roles and ResponsibilitiesDelayDemand Analysis
Demand ManagementDepreciationDesign
Design Out MaintenanceDesigns and develops text documentsDesigns Reliability Test Plans
Develops Asset Disposal Processes and ProceduresDevelops Asset Disposal StrategiesDevelops Asset Management Processes and Procedures
Develops Asset Management StrategiesDevelops Commissioning Processes and ProceduresDevelops Commissioning Strategies
Develops Configuration Management Processes and ProceduresDevelops Configuration Management StrategiesDevelops Construction Processes and Procedures
Develops Construction StrategiesDevelops Decision Making Processes and ProceduresDevelops Design Processes and Procedures
Develops Design Verification and Validation Processes and ProceduresDevelops Engineering Change SolutionsDevelops Integrated Support Processes and Procedures
Develops Integrated Support StrategiesDevelops Investment Options StrategiesDevelops Legal Compliance Processes and Procedures
Develops Life Cycle Cost Processes and ProceduresDevelops Life Cycle Cost StrategiesDevelops Maintenance Management Processes and Procedures
Develops Maintenance Management StrategiesDevelops Needs Definition Processes and ProceduresDevelops Operations Processes and Procedures
Develops Operations StrategiesDevelops Organisational Structures Roles and ResponsibilitiesDevelops People
Develops Preventive Maintenance TacticsDevelops Problem Reporting and Incident Recording Processes and ProceduresDevelops Supply Chain Processes and Procedures
Develops Supply Chain StrategiesDevelops Technical Data and Information Processes and ProceduresDevelops Technical Data and Information Strategies
DeviationDiscount FactorDiscount Rate
DiscountingDisposalDocuments Design
Due Diligence

Economic LifeEconomic Value AddedEfficiency
Emergency Corrective MaintenanceEngineering ChangeEngineering Spares
Enterprise Resource PlanningEquipment IntegrityEquivalent Annual Cost
Estimated Plant Replacement ValueEvent Tree Analysis

Facilitates a Team EnvironmentFacilities AuditFacilities Management
FacilityFailureFailure Finding Task
Failure ModeFailure Modes and Effect Criticality AnalysisFault and Incident Response
Fault Tree AnalysisFinancial and BusinessFinancial Management
Forecasts Maintenance CostsForecasts Maintenance WorkFunction
Functional FailureFunctional Testing

Gives and receives workplace feedback

Hard Time MaintenanceHazardHidden Failure
HR ManagementHurdle Rate

Identifies StakeholdersIdentifies Stakeholders" RequirementsImplements Asset Management Strategies
Implements Computer SystemsImplements Configuration Management StrategiesImplements Integrated Support Strategies
Implements Maintenance Management StrategiesImplements Organisational CultureImplements Strategies for Design Verification and Validation
Infant MortalityInflation RateInformation Management
Inherent ReliabilityInstructionIntegrated (Logistics) Support
Integrated SupportInternal Rate Of Return

Just In Time

Key Performance AreaKey Performance Indicators

LeadershipLeadership and CultureLearning Organisation
Learning OrganisationsLevel of AssuranceLevel Of Service
Life (Measure Of Life)Life CycleLife Cycle Cost
Life Cycle Cost AnalysisLife Extending TaskLifecycle Delivery Activities
Logistic Support Analysis

MaintainabilityMaintains Commissioning DocumentationMaintains Configuration Management Documentation
Maintains Construction DocumentationMaintains customer focus and relationshipsMaintains Design Verification and Validation Documentation
Maintains Integrated Support DocumentationMaintains Maintenance Management DocumentationMaintains Materials Cataloguing Documentation
Maintains Operating DocumentationMaintains Problem Reporting and Incident Recording DocumentationMaintains Supply Chain Documentation
MaintenanceMaintenance DeliveryMaintenance Manual
Maintenance PlanMaintenance PlanningMaintenance Policy
Maintenance PrioritiesMaintenance ProgramMaintenance Service Criteria
Maintenance StandardsMaintenance TaskManagement Review, Audit and Assurance
Manages Configuration Management Processes and ProceduresManages conflictManages Construction Contracts
Manages Construction ProjectsManages Decision Making Processes and ProceduresManages Design Processes and Procedures
Manages effective workplace relationshipsManages Environmental PerformanceManages information
Manages innovationManages Integrated Support Processes and ProceduresManages Life Cycle Processes and Procedures
Manages Maintenance Management Processes and ProceduresManages Maintenance Work ProcessesManages non-routine, complex technical situations
Manages Occupational Health and SafetyManages Operations Management Processes and ProceduresManages Organisational Capability
Manages Organisational ChangeManages PeopleManages Problem Reporting and Incident Recording Processes and Procedures
Manages selfManages ShutdownsManages Supply Chain Processes and Procedures
Manages Use of Computer SupportManuals and TrainingMarket Value

Needs AnalysisNeeds Definition Needs Solution
Net Present ValueNon Asset SolutionNon-Tactical Maintenance

Ometa PentagramOpen Data Base ConnectivityOperate
Operate To FailureOperating Context
OperationsOperations and MaintenanceOperations and Maintenance Decision-Making
Operations ManagementOperations PlanOperations Planning
Organisation and People EnablersOrganizational Structure & CultureOutput Focus

Packaging Handling Storage and TransportParticipates in environmental work practicesParticipates in improvement processes
Participates in quality processesParticipates in safety work practicesParticipates in the incidents investigation
Participates in workplace changePayback PeriodPenalty/Opportunity Costs
Performance MonitoringPerformance RatePeriodic Maintenance
Permit To WorkPersonnelPhysical Asset
Plan Do Check Act Plans Asset Disposal WorkPlans Construction Work
Plans Design Verification and Validation WorkPlans Distribution of Spares and SuppliesPlans Maintenance Work
Plans Minor ProjectsPlans Operations WorkPlans Shutdowns
Potential FailurePotential Failure IntervalPrepares Asset Management Budgets
Prepares Construction ContractsPrepares Construction ReportsPrepares Contracts
Prepares Cost Justification ProposalsPrepares General ReportsPrepares Investment Options Proposals
Prepares Maintenance BudgetsPrepares Maintenance Work InstructionsPrepares Operating Instructions
Prepares Specifications for the Supply of Materials and ServicesPresents a professional imagePreventative Maintenance
Primary FunctionProcedureProcess
Process AuditProcess Change Process Model
Process MonitoringProductivityProgrammed Maintenance
Project Life CycleProject ManagementProtective Device
Provides Specialist Advice on Configuration ManagementProvides Specialist Advice on DesignProvides Specialist Advice on Integrated Support Processes and Procedures
Provides Specialist Advice on Maintenance ManagementPursues continuing professional development

Quality AssuranceQuality ControlQuality Management

Reliability Block DiagramReliability EngineeringRenewal
RepairReplacementRequirements Change
Residual ValueResource ManagementResourcing Strategy and Optimisation
Responsible PersonRestorationReturn On Assets
Return On EquityReturn On Net AssetsRisk
Risk & ReviewRisk AnalysisRisk Based Maintenance
Risk FactorsRisk ManagementRotable Components/Equipment
Run To Failure

SanitaryScheduled MaintenanceSchedules Maintenance Work
Schedules Operations WorkSecondary FunctionSelects Asset Valuation Methods
Selects Construction MethodsSelects Corrective Maintenance MethodsSelects Methods for Integrated Support
Selects Support Analysis MethodsSensitivity AnalysisService Maintenance
Shutdown and Outage ManagementShutdowns and Outage Strategy and OptimisationSix Sigma
Skilled PersonSparesSpecification
Specifies Competencies Required to Support Maintenance Management StrategiesSpecifies Performance Indicators for Asset ManagementSpecifies Performance Indicators for Maintenance Management
Specifies Project OutcomesSpecifies Requirements for Computer SupportStakeholder
Stakeholder RelationsStandard Job/TaskStock Code
Strategic PlanningSupervises Commissioning WorkSupervises Configuration Management
Supervises Construction WorkSupervises Maintenance WorkSupervises Operations Work
SupportSupport AnalysisSupport Change
Support Equipment and FacilitiesSupportabilitySustainable Development
Systems Engineering

TaskTask AnalysisTechnical Standards and Legislation
TerotechnologyThermographyTotal Cost Of Ownership
Total MaintenanceTotal Productive Maintenance

Understands Asset Management Principles and ProcessesUnderstands Asset Management TerminologyUnderstands Change Management Principles and Processes
Understands Concepts of Individual CompetenceUnderstands Design Principles and ProcessesUnderstands Integrated Support Principles and Processes
Understands Labour Management Principles and ProcessesUnderstands Lean Thinking Principles and ProcessesUnderstands Life Cycle Cost Principles and Processes
Understands Maintenance Management Principles and ProcessesUnderstands Objectives Based Management Principles and ProcessesUnderstands Operations Management Principles and Processes
Understands Performance Management Principles and ProcessesUnderstands Quality Control Principles and ProcessesUnderstands Reliability Principles and Processes
Understands Supply Chain Principles and ProcessesUnderstands Support Analysis Principles and ProcessesUsage Based Maintenance
Useful LifeUtilises Computer SystemsUtilises Computerised Work Management System

Value EngineeringVerificationVibration Analysis

Weather and Climate ChangeWhole-life Cost and Value OptimisationWork In Progress
Work OrderWork Request