Asset Data Management System Model

1. Purpose
2. Introduction
3. Scope
4. Organisational Context
5. Strategy and planning of asset data
6. Identifying needs of data assets
7. Specifying & acquiring data assets
8. Creating & Exchanging data assets
9. Maintaining, utilising and analysing data assets
10. Performance Monitoring, benefits, review & Improvement of asset data
11. Leadership, culture & organisation for utilising asset data
12. Technology & systems for accessing asset data
13. Data exchange standards for asset data


Needs Analysis
Demand Analysis
Asset & non asset solution definition
Demand Management

Capability Delivery Model

A series of continual improvement and technical processess (PDCA)

Systems Engineering

Concept Validation
Concept Exploration


Support Analysis
Integrated Support
Create & Dispose

Operations & Maintenance



Requirements Change
Engineering Change
Support Change
Process Audit
Process Monitoring

Continuous Improvement

Configuration Management

Asset Management System Model



Organisational Objectives

Asset Management Objectives

Asset Management Information

Decision Making
Risk Management

Competency & Engagement

Organisation Roles
Process Management

Performance Monitoring & Improvement

Asset Management Information

Performance Monitoring

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